We specialise in legal training courses and other professional executive training courses in Singapore. These are specially designed executive training courses that are taught by highly experienced trainers.  

Contract Law

Times have been bad and you had missed out on 2 months office rental. Your landlord did not want you to leave and reluctantly agreed to allow you pay the outstanding rental by the end of the month. However, he has now found a new tenant and is now reneging on his agreement and wants to evict you for non-payment of rent. What are your rights? Would it make any difference if you had paid a part of the full outstanding rental.?

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Corporate Law

Thinking of setting up your new company? Or are you an existing company director burdened with increasing duties and and regulatory matters? Or maybe you are a shareholder and uncertain about your rights. From Mergers & Acquisition Laws to Corporate Insolvency issues, our Executive Legal Trainers will navigate you through the complex web of Corporate & Insolvency Laws. An essential course for all company directors..

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IP & Social Media Laws

Whether you are a social media marketer, blogger, influencer, artist, composer or the next inventor - Intellectual Property is crucial. Understand how to protect your IP rights and what you can or cannot do and to ensure adequate safeguards of your greatest asset in today's 21st century -  your ideas, information and intellectual creations. You may wish to protect your blog post, marketing flyer or even a slogan. Come and find out more.

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Do you wish to upgrade and enhance your knowledge?

We live in a fast paced world where knowledge is power and law is no longer an exclusive domain for legal practitioners. At Harvest Training, we have a wide range of Executive Legal Training and other professional courses designed to equip the modern professional to be Future-Ready. Contact us to find out more!


I highly recommend this training for all who wish to be equipped with contract law. I’ve had the pleasure to attend Mr. Chang’s class and I can assure you his teaching was of the best among many others. His sessions will provide you with the latest updates and valuable knowledge in contract law. It’s your loss if you don’t attend.

Claire Ma 

I have been taught by Mr. Chang in Contract Law and Commercial Law. He is a very professional trainer. I especially like the way he concludes and summarizes the topics in a comprehensive but simple way. Also, he is always keen to help and reply with very comprehensive answers. Thus, if anyone is trying to find a law trainer or lecturer, Mr. Chang is the best choice for you.

Lai Yu

I would like to recommend Mr. David Chang for legal training courses at your company. I am highly appreciative of having attended lectures conducted by Mr. Chang. He has shown his kindness, intelligent and is a patient teacher. He has inspired me and made me realize how interesting law is. He explains difficult legal concepts to a lay-person effectively

Ginny Chau

Who are we

We are a group of passionate professional trainers who genuinely enjoy training and imparting our knowledge to others. We believe that our own capacity for growth, knowledge and understanding is enhanced as we share.

Industry experts with strong practical experience to enhance the training, we are at-heart, essentially a teacher and we strive to delight and educate.

We are qualified professionals and we train.

Why Us?

Not all companies and lesser still, individuals, relish seeing a lawyer or any paid professional auditor to seek for advice.

The necessary task of the lawyer, auditor, and the other professionals are to ensure that your business interests are safeguarded and that the transaction is completed thoroughly. It is not their job to teach you or that you understand.

That is our job.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

― Benjamin Franklin

Frequently Asked Questions

We won't brag about our executive legal training, but we feel really proud of the many participants that we have helped in so many ways. The trainers are experienced and possess deep industry and substantive knowledge within their various subject-matter expertise.


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