Executive Legal Training Courses

Consumer & Public Law Series


Knowing Your Consumer Rights

Consumers frequently fall prey to unscrupulous traders and may sometimes find themselves trapped in a bad bargain. What are some remedies that are available? What are 'lemon laws' and how effective are there? See more 


Getting Your Will Right

This course equips one with knowledge and empowerment to make one's own will. It provides participants with the assurance and peace of mind. that loved ones would be adequately protected and provided for. See more


Before You Say, "I Don't"

Family relationships are complex and more so when there is a breakdown in the marital relationships. The affected parties would want to address. various issues such as, distribution of assets...See more


Insight Into How The Law Works

Would you want to understand how judges decide on cases? Or perhaps how they interpret a statute? This is an extremely useful course that allows one to glean the insights of the legal system and discover....See more