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Contract Law Series

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Understanding Key Contract Terms

What is a force majeure clause or a Himalaya clause? When are penalty clauses enforceable? What is a reservation of title clause? What about the legality of restraint of trade clauses? This course equips participants to be familiar with the major .....See more


Fundamentals Of Contract Law

Contracts are made every day. Some are high value contracts and many others are made verbally. Find out more about how contracts are formed and what are the common terms of such contracts. Learn how to manage business liability....See more


The Art & Science Of Contract Negotiations & Drafting 

Avoid costly mistakes and know how to negotiate and draft a winning commercial contract. Learn what are the major negotiating techniques and learn invaluable negotiations skills  Identify key must-have clauses in a contract. Come and find out....See more

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How To Draft Contracts

A practical course that will equip one with basic contract knowledge and learn good drafting skills for contract and drafting of other legal documents. Avoid costly mistakes where terms may be unenforceable or ineffective due to poor drafting skills. ....See more