Executive Legal Training Courses

The Law Series

Contract Law Series

The Contract Law Series will equip one with contract knowledge and learn good contract drafting skills. Avoid costly mistakes where terms may be unenforceable or ineffective due to poor drafting skills. Learn what is a force majeure clause or a Himalaya clause. Understand when are penalty clauses enforceable. Protect your business with a reservation of title clause. Understand the legality of restraint of trade clauses and much more. Find out more

Intellectual Property Law Series

There are a variety of different IP rights. This Series will cover trade mark, copyright and social media laws  Learn about he changing landscape of trade mark where we see exciting changes in new non-conventional marks such as colours, sounds and shapes or even the design lay-out of the Apple store.  Learn about how copyright may be infringed by hyperlinking or sharing music files online. This Series is practical and useful for all businesses. Find out more

Corporate & Commercial Law Series

We hear of corporate scandals, corporate mis-management and companies being insolvent. What can a company do when in such financial crisis?  Learn about corporate governance and the duties of a director. Equip your sales team with crucial advertising and be equipped with sales and marketing law knowledge. The Corporate & Commercial Law Series is designed to equip companies, executives and management with essential legal skills and knowledge. Find out more


Consumer & Public Law Series

This Series contains practical courses that every individual and consumer would want to know. For example, learn how to deal with common legal disputes faced by consumers. Understand what is the 'Lemon Law', know the limits of disclaimer clauses and how such clauses can be challenged.  For those who wish to provide for heir loved ones, learn how you can make a Will yourself. The series also includes a course on your rights to privacy and how the PDPA affects you. Find out more

Human Resources Law Series

In Singapore, given the changing employment landscapes, employers are now engaging a different type of employees to suit their operational needs and requirements. This Series includes the amendments of the Employment Act that came into effect 1 April 2019 and will contain invaluable legal knowledge to drafting HR contracts, company manuals, conducting investigations, handling disciplinary inquiries. and much more. Find out more

We can also customise courses to suit your specific needs

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