Executive Legal Training Courses

Intellectual Property Law Series


Branding Strategies Using Trade Marks

There is tremendous value of a trade mark and it is all the more so as we see exciting changes in the growing range of non-conventional marks that the law is recognising  and protecting, such as colours, sounds and shapes. Strong brands should learn to leverage on .....See more


Copyright In A Nutshell


Copyright arises automatically and may be created over a wide range of works. These may range from aesthetic creations, a blog piece, game show formats, right down to a marketing brochure.. Learn how to protect your works and what your rights are...See more


Social Media Law for Bloggers & Influencers

In the social media world that we live in, it is paramount that our authorial works are adequately protected. This is a growing area of law. Equally important is the recognition of how IP rights of others may be infringed when we copy or provide hyperlinks...See more


Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Companies, businesses and entrepreneurs are surrounded by many critical intellectual property (IP) issues. These are invaluable assets that can be easily copied and disseminated knowingly or unknowingly. This course provides an overview ....See more