Knowing Your Consumer Rights

Course Synopsis

We hear about disgruntled consumers given false promises over a gym membership; unhappy customers who have been lured into paying for time-share holiday programmes; buying goods that turn out to be defective; and many such incidents. Did you know that apart from contractual rights that you have, there are also other common law and statutory rights that a consumer also has? This is an invaluable course that will provide an overview of the rights of a consumer and outline the process of how to resolve your legal grievances.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the common law rights that the consumer enjoys.
  2. Identify the various statutory rights and implied terms that protect a consumer.
  3. Understand when and how the ‘cooling-off’ period works and the other available remedies
  4. Learn how to make a consumer claim and all the stages and the whole legal consumer claim process
Course Outline
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