Essential Laws for Sales, Advertising & Marketing

Course Synopsis

Knowledge of law is not just required for lawyers or those involved in contract drafting. It is essential for every aspect of business and in particular to professionals involved in sales & marketing.

There are various legal issues that would arise from the conceptualising of the marketing idea; creation of marketing collaterals; the marketing presentation; pre-contractual representations; right down to the sales contract and the any product or service liability that may arise.

What many may not realise is that this is an area of law where there are numerous statutory implied terms that one will have to navigate through to protect from legal liability. Businesses, influencers, companies should be well-versed with the various laws and codes on advertising and marketing.

Learning objectives:

  1. Equip participants with essential knowledge of legal principles surrounding the sales and marketing process of a company
  2. Learn how to identify high-risk legal issues
  3. Learn how to draft contract clauses and develop processes to ensure effective risk management
  4. Understand the various statutory rules and codes that apply to marketers

Course Outline
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