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Executive Legal Training

We have a wide range of Executive Legal Training Courses, ranging from Contract Law, Corporate Law, Wills &  Succession, Family Law and Commercial Law. These content based courses are packed with real case-studies that allows for immediate practical application. 

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

G.R.C.  - governance, risk management and compliance is an emerging area that is now firmly entrenched as a core area in every company. We are in the midst of developing a wider suite of GRC courses but are now offering some of our more popular courses here.

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Self-Development & Skills

These make for very good "Lunch n' Learn'" courses or just a course that allows you to pick up a skill and grow personally and professionally. Learn how to do public speaking, create an animation video, overcome depression, achieving mental wellness and others.

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We also offer Consultancy & Drafting Services

We provide Consultancy Services in the areas of our core training areas as we believe that every clients' needs are different and will benefit from speaking with our Consultants. Or you may reach out to us for Content Writing or Drafting Services.