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I would like to recommend Mr. David Chang as a lecturer for legal training courses  As his student, I am highly appreciative to attend his lectures. He has shown his kindness, intelligent and is a patient teacher. His first class itself had inspired me a lot and made me realize how interesting law is.. His teaching style made me comfortable by listening of an interesting story instead of remembering boring legal cases and therefore it is much more easier for me to remember the cases.

Ginny Chau



I have first-hand experiences with Mr. Chang’s insightful, concise and interesting lectures. Mr. Chang is well-versed in commercial laws and the actual applications of the laws. An attentive audience will benefit greatly from his enjoyable classes.

Eddie Ng, Compliance Professional



I have been taught by Mr. Chang in Contract Law and Commercial Law. He is a very professional trainer. I especially like the way he concludes and summarizes the topics in a comprehensive but simple way, his materials can save you a lot of time from figuring out the law Also, he is always keen to help students and he will always reply me with a very comprehensive answer which completely solves my doubts in my head.  Thus, if anyone is trying to find a law trainer or a teacher, Mr. Chang is the best choice for you.

Lai Yu



David was my Contract Law and Commercial Law lecturer. Thanks to his professional and quality teaching, I obtained the highest mark in the world for my exams.  Aside from having a good grasp on the laws, David showed excellent responsiveness and patience. David is amicable and answers our enquiries in a very engaging way. I found these characteristics a must-have in the context of lecturers and trainers especially if the target audience are lay-persons. What is more, his lectures combine knowledge, wit and practice and David is capable to spell out difficult concepts in an approachable way.  I have no hesitation to introduce David to individuals who may be interested in legal knowledge or to companies who intend to provide legal training for their staffs.

Michael Lam, Intern at Withersworldwide



This is not an easy topic. Delivered in an objective manner. Well done David!

SIM Training Participant, Singapore Institute of Technology


David Chang was really engaging and teaches really well. I enjoyed the course very much.

The facilitator David, was super engaging and knowledgeable.

I love the way he gives examples! It's so relevant and I've learnt to always see things from a different perspective.

SIM Training Participants, Singapore Power


I feel that the facilitator is very well-versed in the topic discussed and was able to deliver the content clearly. Also appreciated the effort of the facilitator to include activities in the session to engage the audience and to allow us to apply what we have learnt. Overall, it was an insightful session on PDPA.

David is knowlegable and well prepared for the course.

Delivery of content was excellent.

SIM Training Participants, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities


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