The Art & Science of Contract Negotiation & Drafting

Course Synopsis

Businesses are involved in many different Contract relationships and dealing with many different people and organizations. The terms of each different relationship and arrangement may be different and each party needs to be aware of his/her rights and obligations and duties within the Contract.

It is important to make sure that all of your business contracts are drawn up professionally and are legal watertight, as it is essential that both parties understand the terms included and are aware of their rights and responsibilities afforded by the contract. Poorly worded contract terms could have serious implications for both parties and their stakeholders.

This course is designed to you with an understanding of what is required to successfully prepare and negotiate commercial contracts. This course gives you opportunity to develop the skill of effective contract drafting. You will also gain an insight into the key terms and considerations involved in typical commercial agreements.

This is essential for those who are involved in contract negotiation where participants will learn invaluable negotiation skills and strategies within the context of legal principles. There will be a strong focus in legal content with particular focus on key Contract clauses that transforms a Contract to be a winning one.

The highlight will be the numerous real case-studies that will allow participants to get an actual insight of how contract law works and how to negotiate and draft the ideal contract.


Learning objectives:

  1. Equip participants with contract negotiation skills – skills, tactics and body language
  2. Provide key basic principles governing Contract Law to facilitate contract negotiating and drafting
  3. Learn how to draft Contracts -winning tips and avoiding common pitfalls
  4. Understanding and effective use of boilerplate clauses
Course Outline
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